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Wow, I haven't updated in three months. Things have been really hard lately, and so much has happened. I really regret losing contact with a lot of you. I'm definitely not mad at anyone and it's nothing personal. I needed to take time to get my crap together again, and re figure out what's important to me. I'm not perfect, and I'm sorry to everyone I've let down or made worry. :(

I really don't want to talk about it anymore than that. Things are looking up again for me now though, don't worry. I didn't die, get a divorce, give up lolita, or any other crazy thing people are lying about XD

For Kumoricon, Debra, Annie and I all worked really hard on Magic Knight Rayearth costumes. In the end, we won best adult group for all of our hard work :) Debra was able to hook us up with a professional photoshoot with Darkain! What do you think?

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Haha, we got a plaque and everything. I'm all excited XD I wonder who I want to cosplay next?

More or less I'm back, I guess :P

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UHG I've just gotten over about a two week long cold. I bet that if I'd have just taken it easy it wouldn't have stuck around so long, but I've just been too busy ;___;

I'm soooooooo excited for my good friend faunkegin's 21rst birthday party this weekend homg. I have my whole outfit all picked out, but I need some advice♥

no berries?


with berries?

It shall be worn with my new jsk (which I don't know if I should stencil berries onto either now D: ), new parasol, berry necklace, vintage wooden purse, and red sandals. y/n?

Firefox keeps logging me out of all my internet accounts whenever I close the browser. I checked all the options and I don't know what's going on! It's so annoying!

There so much I want to say but can't right now >_< Very frustrating!

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yesterday's ootd

Ahhhh the weather has been so glorious the past week, we're having such a pleasant summer so far! Exept for today for some reason, it's all overcast and stormy! Both of our animals are acting really weird... I hope it'll get better soon!

On Wednsday faunkegin, her bf, and I all went geocaching up Mt. Baldy! I was such a beatiful veiw, I hope she posts pictures for you all to see soon! I saw the Hulk last night, I liked it :D Tonight a whole bunch of people and I are going up to Corvallis for luce's housewarming party wich should be so fun! I'm still not sure what to wear...

Here's what I've been working on today:

You can't really tell from this, but the bottom ruffle, the yoke, and the straps are all a smaller gingham. I love gingham♥

I love posting WIPs becaus it's really motivating for some reason! I don't really understand how... Anyway, I'm almost done with the sewing portion, then I get to start on the strawberry stencil I'm going to be putting along the bottom. Like it?

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Yesterday’s OOTD

Uhhhhg I been so down lately. I just started some new medications a few hours ago and I feel so so sick. I want it to go awayyyyy ;___; I made a whole bunch of stir fry and then felt so sick that I lost my appetite, which has never happened to me! I feel really dizzy too... I wish Eric was here...

I can’t wait for my auction winnings to get here! I’m going to be very prepared for summer when it comes :) I got those new AP Ribbon Heart corks sandals (the ones everyone hates, omg) in red and a red AP parasol with pink strawberries on it. I'm so excited! By the way, where the hell is summer? It sucks outside right now! Bah!

[edit] I forgot to say! My Melody doll OP is at 4th place on poupee's daily top ten cute list! If you have a pupe, would you mind suteki'ing (pressing the yellow oval under the picture) for me my dear sweet f-list♥ http://pupe.jp/item/PiUFMRCObL_6/

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My sweet punk OOTD

My outfit caused a lot of controversy today XD A lot of people feel very passionate that my pink socks are "out of no where" but honestly, I think with the pink jacket and headband it works just fine. I understand someone saying like, "oh hey, I think black socks would have worked better", and that's totally fine, but someone actually dug up a post made a week ago and commented to Kim anon about how my socks didn't work. Why do you care so much about my socks?!? Get over it! LOL! Besides, if no one ever experimented with fashion, do you think we've ever have either punk OR lolita? I think not!

But seriously, don't take yourselves (or me) so damn seriously!

Enchanted Forest was totally a blast! LOTS of cute pictures, ahoy! Thanks for posting them Ashlee!

I get to see Indiana Jones at midnight tonight with a bunch of friends! (I bet they won't care about my socks XD ) And I get to see the Slants and hang out with Debra on Saturday! I'm so excited :)

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Today's outfit

Today has been really uneventful, just a lot of sewing and sewing over here! Our new website is about to go up, I'm really happy about that! I'm also sooooo excited for Enchanted Forest omgggggg

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day! I'm always grateful to spend time with my momma so I definitely had fun! I really suck at cooking but I made brunch for her anyway, I know she wants me to be a domestic goddess, just like her XD I made eggs benedict and rosemary roasted potatoes. It was my first time poaching eggs and making hollandaise but I did a really good job! Eric said that he didn't believe that I actually did it, because it was "too amazing" or whatever. ;___; meanie...

Here's an overload of cute for you. Omfg Billiam I love you so much♥

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