victoria (swdpunk) wrote,

Please excuse little to no makeup D:

[mood| refreshed]

My dear friend saabisu asked demanded that I take photos of my new haircut from today. I think my other dear friend Debra did a freaking phenomenal job! I feel like this is the best hair cut I've had in years :D

chuuuuuuu lol

And because I'm too damn lazy to set up a tripod for my OOTD:

lol myspace

and myspace socks!
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Deleted comment

Thank you very much! I feel all pretty with my new hair XD
I love the haircut :D It's so cute!
Thank you! me too XD
You look wonderful!
Thank you♥

I want to steal your headband too.
Your new cut compliments your features so well! And red goes great with your complexion.
Yaye! I'm so happy you got to put some photos up!

Do you mind if I steal one for my myspace portfolio? I'll credit the picture to you, of course.

I'm sososososososo happy it turned out well, you have no idea! I'm glad you got to meet my precious too. AwOoooooooooooo~
Adorable! ^-^
Wow, that haircut is genious!

I love that fresh, new feeling you get after getting a new haircut~
i like the blackxwhitexred coordinate!
I liiiiiiek!
very nice! I like this style on you ^^
Okay, I'm super impressed. It really lightens you up and makes you look different. That outfit is fucking awesome too.
It's so cute and fluffy! I want to go "floof floof floof" to it!
Pretty~! I like the "less makeup" look too! ♥
You know, for whatever reason, I think you look cuter in these pictures than you usually do. I'm not sure what it is about them specifically, but I really liked them. ^^
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