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wig and contact test♥

The wonderfully talented Debra cut this wig for me :3 it"s really hard to put contacts in too, I never realized that! How do people do this everyday?

We leave for Sakura Con in... 5 day? Anyone else shitting a brick? I'm like ALMOST done with three costumes, one is done, and my big epic Rei is a big if at this point. I don't know if we can get it done in time! Why oh why do I do this to myself?

Happy birthday to meeee

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I have the best friends :3 Thank you for these incredible pictures and commentary Debraaaaaa ilu girl

great birthday, or GREATEST birthday? turds in the pool, tots, a massage, spring rolls, beer and cake would leave me to belive it was the GREATEST. So yeah, now I'm 23 :P

and a few hours later...

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I have something to wear to the meet tomorrow! The flower is for my hair XD

You were totaly right Ashlee lol. I guess I'll see you all tomorrow! I'm going to pass out now X___x

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Ashlee just told me about the meetup tomorrow! I don't have anything to wear so lets see what I can whip up in the next few hours before I go! Wish me luck!

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My sewing area is out of control. Please enjoy my panda slippers and sneaky Billiam in the corner XD

I think I miss lolita now. I miss the feeling of dressing up and feeling cute only to have people harass you and go, "wtf are you". I guess that doesn't make too much sense. What a strange past like six months this has been! I'm not really sure what this all means, but I'm really inspired and I think I need to go to the fabric store. XD

Looks like I am going to Sakura con after all. Just so you know! Debra and I have been working really hard on our epic cosplay that I'm forbidden to tell you about! Also, Nono is done (mostly) and I need a long pink wig. Hahahahaha so stuuuupid

So I think a huge reason I'm feeling better is because Eric started grad school this month. Just to see him off everyday, fulfilling his goals, and finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. He's in a better mood because of it too. sounds pretty cliche, but I'm so so happy for him. I'm glad to know that I've had some help in getting him to this point too :) how mushy! What can I say, I love my husband XD

MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP ON THE 16TH BITCHES. anyone interested in a meet? I miss everyone D: in return:

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Drinking beer and watching Code Geass with my cat on a Friday night. I couldn't be any happier actually ♥ mmmm beer

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday and new year! 2008 can suck my balls; I'm so happy to have a fresh start again. What an awful year it has been!

I'm starting to feel like I can be myself online again, now that the spotlight is kind of off me :D Now, do I have the time?


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The first real snow I've seen all year! Woo hoo!

Is it like this for everyone else too? You can see everything better if you go to the youtube page and watch it in high quality :X

You can see a bunch of stuff I'm working on right now on our guest bed too :3 Pleinair is finished and now I'm working on Nono from Diebuster. I LOVED Gunbuster and Diebuster both! Hey, I'm kind of sick of lolita, so I have to keep busy some how! I can't just not have something to work on, I've always been like that ;___;

Jeeze I'm so boring! I need to make another pot of coffee!

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I've been feeling really burnt out lately and I think a lot of it has to do with my current wardrobe. I've actually been seeing new brand I want recently, which hasn't happened in a really long time! I think I'm going to sell a bunch of stuff that I'm sick of and I'll post it here first so you guys can have dibs :)

I'm sure most of you don't care about cosplay, but I think I'm going to start on Plenair today. My DS and I have been attached at the hip recently, most because of Disgaea♥