victoria (swdpunk) wrote,

Lolita Closet Cleaning!

I'm going to post this to egl_comm_sales tomorrow, so you guys have a first look at what I've got for sale :) I'm going to be selling lots more stuff eventually too! If you ant to look through my poupee and make offers on anything else (besides jewelry, i still wear all the stuff a lot :3) , that would be great!

All items are in worn but good condition unless stated otherwise. I can quote shipping as soon at you give me your zip code or country. I'm willing to take offers if you don't like my price :3 I'll take measurments upon request. PLEASE NOTE: I have a black dog and a white cat! I try my best to keep everything clean but sometimes it gets past me. If you're allergic please be aware of this!

Blue Musical Meta JSK: $200

print detail:

AP Cupcake Strip JSK: $200

cupcake detail:

AP Berry Lace Cardi: $90

berry details:

AP Blue Cardi: $80

This just needs to be ironed :3

Meta Pink Swan Cutsew: $50

print detail:

AP Chiffon Cutsew Tank: $100

yoke detail:
This was worn only once :(

Baby Alice Cutsew: $40

print detail:

Baby Crown Cardigan: $25

crown detial:
This is worn to hell. just so you know.

Baby Couch Print Skirt: $125

lace detail:

Baby Gingham Skirt: $60

yellowing : :(
I spilled coffee on this D: it can be dry cleaned out but I just never got around to it :(

Baby Snowflake Cardi: $100

snowflake closeup :

Baby Pink Bustle Skirt: $90

This is kind of dingy and really needs to be dry cleaned.

AP Cinderella Print Skirt: $150

print detail:

Baby Snow White Skirt: $250

beautiful print :

AP Lucky Pack Skirt w/ Hairbows: $60

This is really beat to hell too.

Baby Polkadot Purse: $125

with strap:
print detail:
In perfect condition
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